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The Micro-finance Guarantee Agency (Tayseer or facilitation) was established pursuant to the National Assembly Act (Seventh Session of Assembly), 2013. It is a Sudanese financial agency of public benefit seeking to provide the required wholesale guarantee to small and medium size institutions operating in the field of micro finance in the Sudan, to obtain banking finance from banks. These are specifically the institutions that do not have sufficient capability to provide required guarantees for funding donor agencies, be that internal of external. The Agency was open to business on 13 March 2016, with the first letter of credit issued on 05 September 2016.

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Pioneering in the provision of guarantees for granting mf, towards realizing sustainable development

To facilitate the receipt of micro finance from financial institutions to those entitled through guaranteeing the institutions to contribute to achieving financial inclusion and moving the economy towards production and realizing society’s welfare.

+249 183482999, +249 183465497

6th floor, Central Bank of Sudan Building, street 13, Amarat, Khartoum

+249 183480199

7AM – 3PM


Meaning societies established according to the Cooperatives Act issued by the National Assembly, and those founded pursuant to the Agricultural and Animal Production Professionals’ Associations Act, issued on 24 August 2016, and cooperatives established under the auspices of the National Authority for Graduates” Employment, as per an act of the National Assembly on 12 July 2016

Guarantee document for the credit unions registered with the Bank of Sudan and which have obtained permission to pursue funding operations.

Guarantee document for banks and mf institutions that accept deposits, and those that don’t.